Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh right, blogging....

The past 3 Weeks:

What I meant to be doing:
  • Revising my thesis (ew, gross, barf)
  • Reading my R.I.P book list
  • Finishing up the last couple titles on my Margaret Atwood list
  • Writing Reviews
What I actually ended up doing:
  • Driving a bazillion miles around New England
  • Interviewing for jobs
  • Not hearing back from those interviews
  • Applying to new jobs
  • Fussing about unemployment!
  • Avoiding my thesis
So, needless to say, the job search and-- to a unproductively lesser degree-- the thesis project have taken over my life and my well-intentioned effort to re-start my blog kind of fizzled right off the bat... Bad Ali!

I am going to try to balance my life a bit better now. In theory I'm going to use reading and reviewing as rewards for "good behavior." If I write a thesis chapter, I get to go through the blog roll and comment. If I apply to 2 new jobs, I get to post a review... etc. etc. 

We'll see how well it works...